Delicious pizzas as always with absolutely natural products


A delicious addiction to accompany your meal

Pan de pizza 6.00€
Pan de pizza con aceite y ajo
Pizza bread with oil and garlic
Tomato and cheese
Tomaten und Käse

Pan de pizza con tomate 6.50€
Pan de pizza con tomate natural
Pizza bread with natural tomato
Tomato and cheese
Tomaten und Käse

Bruschetta 6.00€
Pan con tomate, ajo y queso
Bread with tomato, garlic and cheese
Tomato and cheese
Tomaten und Käse

Pan de ajo 2.50€
Pan de ajo
Garlic bread
Tomato and cheese
Tomaten und Käse


Appetizing spoon dishes for fresh days


Enjoy the taste and freshness of our rich and healthy salads

Insalata mista 7.00€
Lechuga variada, tomate, cebolla y champiñones
Mixed lettuces, tomato, onions and mushrooms
laitue mixtes, la tomate, les oignons et les champignons
Gemischter Salat, Tomaten, Zwiebeln und Champignons

Caprese 10.50€
Tomate, queso, mozzarella de búfala
Tomato, cheese and buffalo mozzarella
Tomate, fromage et mozzarella de bufflonne
Tomaten, Käse und Büffel-Mozzarella

Insalata mista parmese 10.50€
Lechuga variada con queso parmesano
Mixed lettuces with parmesan cheese
Laitue mixte de parmesan
Gemischter Salat mit Parmesan-Käse

Insalata della casa 11.50€
Lechuga variada, tomate, champiñones, roquefort, jamón, cebolla y caviar
Mixed lettuces, tomato, mushrooms, onions, ham, blue cheese and caviar
Laitue, tomate, champignons, oignons, jambon, fromage et Caviar Blue mixte
Gemischter Salat, Tomaten, Champignons, Zwiebeln, Schinken, Käse und Kaviar

Insalata tricolore 11.50€
Tomate, lechuga, aguacates y mozzarella de búfala
Tomato, lettuce, avocado and buffalo mozzarella
Tomate, laitue, avocat et mozzarella de bufflonne
Tomate, Salat, Avocado und Büffel-Mozzarella

Insalata Manilva 11.50€
Espinacas frescas, nueces y parmesano
Fresh spinach, walnuts and parmesan cheese
Épinards frais, les noix et fromage parmesan
Frischer Spinat, Walnüsse und Parmesankäse

Insalata Duquesa 12.50€
Lechuga, pollo, pan tostado y bacon con salsa especial
Lettuce, chicken, toasted bread and bacon with special sauce
Laitue, poulet, pain grillé et du bacon avec sauce spéciale
Salat, Huhn, geröstetes Brot und Speck mit speziellen Sauce

La caribeña 12.00€
Ensalada, queso de cabra, piña, manzana y fresa
Salad, goats cheese, pineapple, apple and strawberry
Salade, fromage de chèvre, l’ananas, la pomme et fraise
Salat, Ziegenkäse , Ananas, Apfel und Erdbeere


The most popular Italian recipe of rice that has conquered the world

Risotto vegetariano 10.00€
Arroz con verdura variada con salsa de tomate
Mixed vegetables rice with tomato sauce
Légumes mélangés riz à la sauce tomate
Mischgemüse Reis mit Tomatensauce

Risotto al 4 formaggi 12.50€
Arroz 4 quesos
Four cheese rice
Riz quatre fromages
Vier Käse Reis

Risotto campagnolo 13.00€
Arroz, nata, pollo, setas, parmesano y bacon
Rice with cream, mushrooms, chicken, parmesan and bacon
Riz à la crème, champignons, poulet, parmesan et bacon
Reis mit Sahne, Pilze, Huhn, Parmesan und bacon

Risotto di mare 13.50€
Arroz marinera con salsa de tomate
Seafood rice with tomato sauce
Riz fruits de mer à la sauce tomate
Meeresfrüchte Reis mit Tomatensauce


An explosion of exquisite flavors for your palate


The perfect accompaniment to complete your meal


Authentic homemade fresh pasta made daily


They make the difference of an extraordinarily juicy and tasty cut

All meats will be served with chips and vegetables

The taste of our sea directly to your mouth

All fish will be served with chips and vegetables

Delicious and nutritious for a healthy and balanced diet


Specially designed for the little ones of the house


Sweet end to a good meal


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